OHS – Occupational health and safety

We offer a full range of services for ensuring the employer’s obligations regarding their employees as concerns OHS.

We offer the following OHS services:
  1. An initial professional audit, inspecting workplaces, checking the existing documentation and subsequently proposing measures to eliminate shortcomings.
  2. Annual inspections of workplaces in line with the Labour Code and periodic inspections as agreed concerning any shortcomings that have been identified.
  3. Setting up a system to brief new employees in OHS, including preparing documents for this training.
  4. Training employees
    • training managers, regularly familiarizing them with new developments and changes in the field of OHS
    • training employees, and, if needs be, conducting induction training for new employees
    • professional training for employees
    • regular training for company employees with specific training curricula
  5. Risk assessment, methodological assistance when searching for risks, identifying their causes and sources, providing technical measures to minimize them and compiling the necessary documentation.
  6. The employer’s internal regulation for providing personal protective equipment, based on the risk assessment, which includes a proposal for allocating washing and cleaning equipment and protective drinks. Methodological help when setting up a system for allocating the specified PPE to employees.
  7. Processing a proposal for categorizing employees, preparing the necessary documents and records on hazardous work.
  8. Preparing a timetable of inspections and repairs for dedicated devices and other technical equipment at the company’s workplaces.
  9. Recording and registering occupational accidents and diseases, processing the necessary documentation, keeping it up to date with the latest legislation, introducing a workplace accident logbook, cooperation when investigating the causes of occupational accidents, listing records on occupational accidents, help when calculating compensation for employees.
  10. Professional state supervision of OHS – methodological support and taking part in inspections.

Fire protection

Your obligations in the area of fire prevention arise from the Fire Protection Act and its implementing decree, regardless of the scope and types of activities that you conduct.

We offer the following services in fire protection:
  1. Carrying out an initial inspection of fire prevention (audit), this results in the submission of a report that contains a complete overview of failings and shortcomings, together with proposals for eliminating them
  2. Based on the facts found during the inspection, your activities will be classified according to their fire risk
    • without increased fire risk
    • with an increased fire risk
    • with a high fire risk
  3. We then compile the fire protection documentation to the appropriate scope
  4. We conduct fire protection training:
    • training employees in fire protection 
    • training managers in fire protection
    • professional training for the persons assigned to preventive fire patrols
    • training for the fire prevention officer
  5. We develop a timetable for the necessary checks in relation to your activities,
    We can also:
    • carry out preventive fire inspections in accordance with the applicable legislation
    • update the existing fire protection documentation in relation to changes in legislation
    • offer repeated training in fire protection
    • provide a consulting and advisory service
    • give methodological support and take part during state inspections or other negotiations with professional state supervision bodies
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