GMP system

This procedure was developed for suppliers to companies that produce animal feed.

It concerns a system of standards for the feed chain. It integrates many standards containing requirements for cultivating plant commodities, through their processing and further use in the feed sector, or the use of waste from food production in the feed sector, the production of additives, and transport.

The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) is a system of standards that was developed by PDV – an association of organisations in the feed industry, including fattening animals.

The intention of GMP + standards is Feed for Food. In other words to ensure the health safety of all stages of the feed chain. The last major update of the basic standards took place in 07/2018, when, based on practical experience and audit comments, the standards for production and transport were expanded/refined. However, the standards and related documents are updated constantly. 

  • GMP+ B1 Production, trade and services (new)
  • GMP+ B2 (2010) Production of feed ingredients 
  • GMP+ B2 Quality control of feed ingredients
  • GMP+ B3 (2006) Trade, collection, storage and transshipment 
  • GMP+ B3 (2007) Trade
  • GMP+ B4 Transport (new)
  • GMP B 4.1 Road transport

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